Lower fat means better healthWith more and more consumers opting for healthy food habits, IFFCO regularly introduces reduced fat and low cholesterol food products. Examples: Digestive Light, Light Mayonnaise.Health in, health outOnly healthy, natural ingredients of the highest quality are handpicked so that the result is a range of health-enhancing products. These include whole grains, oats, cereals, fruits, nuts and butter. Examples: Digestive Oat Meal, Nutty Bite Cashew, Nutty Bite Pistachio Almond, Ice Cream, Hazel Nut.First to eliminate trans fatIFFCO took the lead in removing trans fat – unsaturated fat that’s a needless health hazard causing a range of fatal, life-threatening conditions. The Group removed partially hydrogenated vegetable oils from its formulations back in 2007, and has been phasing it out since then. Examples: Potato Chips, Bugles, All Biscuits.Saying No to everything artificialHealth-conscious consumers are avoiding artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, as these are hazardous. Product development teams at IFFCO are continuously working on replacing these ingredients with natural and healthy substitutes. The Group is committed to phase out all artificial additives and develop products that complement the healthy lifestyles of consumers. Examples: Ketchup, Dairy, Biscuits, Snacks, Bugles, Ice Cream.Salt and sugar – less is moreReduced daily intakes are recommended for both salt and sugar to pursue a healthy lifestyle. The Food Standard Agency targets the salt consumption at 6g a day – keeping this mind, IFFCO product teams are exploring alternative and healthy sources of salty taste without the attendant health risks. In case of sugar, too, the Group has developed a range of sugar-free products for the health-conscious consumer. The sugar reduction is a scientific process, achieved in collaboration with Splenda. All information is labeled and displayed for the consumers’ benefit.Allergen warnings where applicableAllergies can get serious – a reaction like Anaphylaxis is rapid and fatal, and can even cause death. Since most products include common food allergens like milk, eggs, peanuts, cashew, walnuts, fish and wheat, a clear allergen declaration is given on the product packaging for consumer protection.Fortifications with vitamins and mineralsTo help consumers get additional nutrition, extra vitamins and minerals are used to fortify the food products. Detailed information is displayed on the packaging for consumers to make better, informed choices.Sensitive towards vegetariansAll packs are differentiated with green and red dots – to help vegetarians choose the right products.IFFCO – committed to your healthThe IFFCO Group understands that changing li Sans is a friendly font with open letters, that looks just as good on mobile as it does on desktop.