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Milk Tart

Do you love Milk Tart? How about chocolate? Combine the 2 together and add Chocolate flavoured Tasty Treats Wafers!

Ingredients: Tasty Treats Wafers 750 ml milk 1 tin condensed milk 45ml Cornflour 60ml Cocoa Powder 5ml Vanilla Essence 2 eggs 45ml butter

Mix 625ml milk with condensed milk, heat until it steams (not boils). Mix leftover milk with cornflour, cocoa, essence and egg. Mix this mixture in with steamed milk mixture. Mix until thickened. Place a layer of Wafers into a bowl. Pour mixture over biscuits and sprinkle cinnamon and biscuit crumbs on top. Leave to stand for 45 minutes in room temperature and then refrigerate.

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